Seminaarin Ohjelma

10.00Aamukahvit ja pientä suolaista
CEO Sami Porokka High Information Systems Oy 
Tässä esityksessä Sami käy läpi markkinoiden nykyhetkeä niin teknologia ja business näkökulmista sekä tekee yleiskatsauksen päivään.
Preparing your organization to derive insight from the internet of things
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Vertica: Steve Sarsfield, Product Marketing Leader  
In the coming years, with the growing popularity and use of data generated by sensors, the data management systems of nearly every industry will begin to strain with growing volumes. No matter if you’re looking to gain insight from personal healthcare monitors that track fitness, industrial applications for manufactures or even application logs that can augment customer information, our system architectures will need to be reexamined to deal with this new data revolution. Moreover, it’s not just the volume, but type of insights that we will be asked to provide. While it may have always been enough to know “what has happened”, it will be increasingly important to understand “what will happen” as your organization strives to use analytics to increase revenue and optimize efficiency. Join us to find out how HPE Vertica is working on innovations to enable unprecedented volumes and extreme scale to meet the ever expanding scope of analytics that we must provide.
11.30-12.30Lounas ja verkostoitumista
IOT, automation of data engineering
Pentaho: Wael Elrifai, Director for Enterprise Solutions, EMEA  
Wael will talk about some of his work at the intersection of IOT and Machine Learning; the techniques, technology toolkit, “deep work” approach, and the management mindset needed to enable organisations to shift from the intangible value statements like “data is the new oil” to concrete outcomes.
Hitachi data systems in IOT
Hitachi Data Systems Finland: Ari Heiniö, Chief technology officer  
Hitachi bought Pentaho and has integrated it part of their ecosystem. Ari will broaden the view how Hitachi data systems can add value to your big data system

Asiakas case: Veikkaus
Veikkaus CIO Reni Waegelein 
Reni valaisee kuinka Veikkaus hyödyntää uusinta teknologiaa analysoinnissa ja kuinka nopeampi data on tuottanut nopeasti liiketoiminnallista hyötyä
A data-centric security model for securing big data systems
Hewlett Packard Enterprise,Data security: Sudeep Venkatesh&emsp, Global Head of PreSales;
In this session, Sudeep will recommend a ”data-centric” approach for solving the unique challenges in protecting big data and data warehouse platforms. He will also discuss some real world architectures and use cases of how other organizations have secured their data for analytics.
14.30Tauko ja verkostoitumista
Requirements for a data-driven enterprise
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cloudera, Wim Stoop 
Digital transformation is changing the way that people and businesses interact. At the heart of this change is the explosion of massive, untapped and newer sources of data. This session will demonstrate how data, alongside developments like machine learning and cloud deployment, is enabling leading enterprises to drive better decisions across all levels of their business.
Big data trends for 2017 and future
Seminar speakers: Sami Porokka, Steve Sarsfield, Wael Elrifai, Wim Stoop
Paneelissa käymme läpi trendejä analytiikan ja digitalisaation alueelta. Mikä on DW 2.0? Onko Big data vain Hype? Kuinka maailma muuttuu ja järjestelmät kehittyvät?
16.00Viihdettä: Maaginen show ja illan aikana taikuus jatkuu